Early Reports of Common Core Field Tests

We are in the active pilot period for the new Common Core assessments, and the field tests will continue through June 6th. A total of 4 million students in 36 states are participating in these pilots. SBAC is testing a total of 3 million students in 22 states while PARCC is testing 1 million students … Read More

New Gates Report Reveals Gaps and Opportunities for Product Developers

Teachers Know Best: What Educators Want from Digital Instructional Tools is the newly released education report Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 3,100 public school teachers and 1,250 public school students in grades 3-12 were surveyed. The study revealed that teachers are actively looking for student-facing digital instructional tools tied to the new Common Core and … Read More

How edWeb Helps Companies Create Online Communities

Listen today to How edWeb Helps Companies Create Online Communities and learn more about edWeb.net and the benefits of creating online communities. Educators are gathering in online communities at a fast-growing pace. Online communities are virtual conferences where educators are sharing information and resources to improve teaching and learning. Online communities offer education companies a … Read More