Suzanne Thouvenelle ECMLC

Suzanne Thouvenelle
For more than 25 years Dr. Thouvenelle has been a strong advocate for young children and their families. Prior to joining the Head Start Knowledge Information Management Services (HSKIMS) as an Education and Child Development content expert in 2004, she had a variety of experiences in the field of Early Care and Education including research and evaluation, software publishing, curriculum development, and teacher preparation. One of her areas of interest is working with EC educators in efforts to integrate computer technology with the teaching/learning process. She collaborated with a team to create a unique and versatile approach to help children maintain their home languages and learn English, too. This software program integrates technology with effective teaching and learning principles, and what we know and understand how young children learn a second or even their own home language.

Currently Suzanne Thouvenelle is an Early Childhood Development Content Liaison with the National Head Start Information and Communications Center and is responsible for identifying and developing online resources for the Office of Head Start’s Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (ECLKC). In this role she collaborates with the Office of Head Start and National Centers to leverage new and emerging technologies to promote interactive e-learning experiences that support the professional development of managers and staff working in delivering quality services to the early care and education community. Her recent experiences emphasize identifying and disseminating resources that promote evidence-based practices important for Head Start teaching teams and staff working with parents on school readiness and other key outcomes. Professional Development via Distance Education remains an additional area of interest.