Corporate Partners

BlueNose Edutainment

BlueNose EdutainmentBlueNose Edutainment is a national marketing and branding company targeting K-12 teachers, students, and families through “sponsored” teacher lesson plans, classroom activities, events, and contests. By leveraging the MCH educator email and direct mail databases, the teacher lesson plans and student contests engage families through the channel of teachers to students to parents.

All promotions are complemented by social media campaigns, sponsored online teacher social networking communities and webinars, celebrity spokespersons, and a PR component including PSA’s press releases, and special appearances.

Each promotion includes marketing reports and analytics to gage the success of each campaign.

Care ConnectorsCare Connectors

Care Connectors, Inc. was founded by Dr. Roger Billings in 1987. The company was the first to offer computerized nationwide child care information and referral service which specifically serves the relocation needs of the business community. Care Connectors, Inc. has been recognized by Business Week, PC Novice, CIO, and Modern Office Technology. Dr. Billings is responsible for compiling a comprehensive database that contains childcare centers, preschools and family day care homes nationwide.

District Administration

District AdministrationPublished by Professional Media Group LLC, District Administration magazine is a monthly publication for education leaders in K-12 school districts and reaches more than 75,000 educational administrators. Based in Norwalk, Connecticut, the magazine covers current trends and pressing issues in the American education system, along with strong coverage of emerging technologies and leadership issues for district-level administrators.

MCH and Professional Media Group have teamed up to expand the reach of educational administrators, collaborating on data and information that will give educational companies insights and reach into the school districts.
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The Education Company

The Education CompanyEstablished in 1992, The Education Company has been helping education suppliers market and sell effectively into schools and colleges for more than twenty-five years. While the way education has been delivered has changed beyond recognition in that time, one thing hasn’t changed. We underpinned our business all those years ago on a current, accurate database of schools, and that is still our focus today.

What is called The Education List now comprises 400,000 named contacts at more than 100,000 educational establishments – with more than half a million profiles attached to them. Put simply, there’s nothing else that comes close to this on the market today.

What has changed since 1992 is the way that The Education Company uses and delivers this data. Where once they specialized in direct mail (previously called Education Direct), now they focus all of their attention to intelligent email, online and data driven solutions. So if you aspire to intelligently segmented marketing, rather than just buying or renting an email list, then your only solution is The Education Company.

Education Market Research

EMRDr. Bob Resnick launched Education Market Research (EMR) in 1995. EMR analyzes the U.S. K-12 school market in all of it facets – textbooks, supplemental materials, computer hardware, software, video, online – and in each of its grade levels, major curriculum areas, and “markets within the market”. The data contained in EMR’s publications comes from original studies conducted by EMR using an information gathering network comprised of tens of thousands of educators. Thus EMR provides you with first-hand market intelligence not available from any other source!

Education TURNKEY Systems, Inc.

Education Turnkey SystemsEducation TURNKEY Systems, Inc. specializes in K-12 education niche market policy and funding analysis and consulting for more than 70 technology and supplemental education publishers and vendors. Based on its 44 years of experience and knowledge of Federal programs, it provides the Technology Monitoring and Information Service (TechMIS) subscription service, which includes a prorated amount of prepaid consultation, for clients on Federal policy and funding regulations and guidance to help them target district Title I special education, after-school programs, School Improvement Grant and other large Federal programs, identifying opportunities and ways to approach districts.

TURNKEY conducted the first study of PL 94-142 (now IDEA) in 1976 and co-developed the first and only Title I Policy Manual in the 1980s. The firm has access to key officials at the Federal, state, and district levels and has worked with most SEAs and more than 1,200 districts over the last four decades. It has developed unique, in-depth market information on Title I, IDEA special education, School Improvement Grant, and related programs to share with clients using prepaid consultations with them. TURNKEY’s particular strength is “reading between the lines” in Federal policy regulations and guidance, providing sound advice to clients in developing marketing/sales strategies and deciding what districts to target with what messages and when.

TURNKEY shares its reports including preliminary lists of districts receiving large percentage or absolute increases in Title I funding each year with each MCH Strategic Data.

Educational Systemics

Education SystemicsFounded in 2001 by Michael Jay & Mary LeDonne, Educational Systemics is committed through their work with institutions and corporations to create lasting change in the pK-12 Industry. Their diverse expertise includes educational and corporate leadership, market analysis, content development, instructional design, and tested knowledge of the complex dynamics of pK-12 education. This, coupled with a systemic approach, generates success for their clients while advancing their vision for educational improvement. Companies looking to innovate and/or prepare their organizations and products for the future, while generating revenue today, turn to Educational Systemics for guidance and assistance.

Michael Jay is the host of Education Table Talk of which MCH Strategic Data is a founding sponsor and collaborator. The talk show provides a forum for unreserved dialogue around critical education issues.

As a trusted industry resource, Educational Systemics sponsors the One-to-One Business Connections at the SIIA’s winter and spring conferences. These business connections help to foster relationships between emerging and prominent companies within the resource community.

Educational Systemics works with the AEP (Association of Educational Publishers) on the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI). The LRMI aims to improve the search and discoverability of educational content worldwide. Michael also serves as one of two US representatives on the International Publishers Association (IPA) Education Publishers Forum.

Educational Systemics takes pride in their active involvement in the Education Publishing and Technology community. Educational Systemics’ personnel participate in various organizations and initiatives throughout the US and globally while also supporting local businesses and decreasing our carbon footprint by changing how we do business.
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edWeb.netMCH has established a strategic relationship with edWeb, the social networking website for the educational community. edWeb helps educators create professional learning communities, implement new programs, share information and resources, and collaborate with colleagues anytime, anywhere. Teachers and administrators can share best practices, information on what’s working, and support each other across schools, districts, states, and the country. The edWeb can help educators build stronger communities and work collaboratively to implement new programs and reforms.

Reaching educators from Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12, colleges and universities, and child care centers, sponsored professional learning communities on make it easy to generate new leads, increase brand awareness, and engage closely with key customer segments. edWeb makes it easy to create communities for closer collaboration and includes a wide range of social networking tools.

Tap into edWeb’s established user base and receive a complete profile of each community member, including a detailed sales lead record from the MCH education database.
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School Market Research Institute

SMRIFounded by Bob Stimolo in 1980, SMRI, Inc. is a full-service direct marketing agency and consulting service specializing in the school market. SMRI is dedicated to helping school marketers improve their promotion results through a variety of services. SMRI conducts webinars and in-house training programs, all of which focus on current issues and cutting-edge marketing techniques unique to the school market.

SIIA – Software & Information Industry Association, Education Division

SIIAAs the principal industry association, SIIA is uniquely positioned to shape industry standards and practices, and liaison with the education community on important education, business and technical issues shaping the sector. SIIA members have a wide range of opportunities to guide the positions of SIIA (and therefore the sector) and to position their companies and senior executives as industry thought leaders, including by serving on an SIIA committee or board.

SIIA’s Education Division represents and supports developers of educational software applications, digital content, online learning services, and related technologies across the K-20 sector. SIIA Members look to SIIA to aid in their continued success. SIIA provides leadership, industry advocacy, critical market information, and a forum for connecting and shaping the software & digital content industry.
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Simba Information

Simba InformationSince 1989, Simba Information has been widely recognized as the leading authority for market intelligence and forecasts in the media—and education—industry. Serving the information needs of both traditional and new media organizations, Simba provides key decision-makers at more than 15,000 client companies across the globe with timely news, analysis, exclusive statistics, and proprietary industry forecasts. Simba’s extensive information network delivers valuable independent perspective on the people, events, and alliances shaping the media and information industry. Our tightly focused editorial and marketing teams meet these needs through the publication of newsletters and market research reports, while our seasoned industry experts bring Simba’s powerful information to life through consulting services.
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The Teich Group

The Teich GroupAnnie Galvin Teich has worked for more than 25 years in publishing with broad experience in audience development, sales, direct marketing and customer communications. Her experience in creating and shaping publishing strategies that comprise print, digital and social media components helps K-12 publishers build their brands, surpass customer expectations and drive revenue. Successful companies share a strong sense of mission, collaboration, and respect for their customers. The Teich Group works with K-12 publishers to strategically create conversations and build relationships with their customers across multiple channels. In today’s market, customer conversations are marketing, and a publisher’s ability to support these conversations with solid business strategies and meaningful content are critical success factors. Each project is customized with a team of experts focused on achieving your unique goals and objectives.
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Wilson Marketing GroupWilson Marketing Group

MCH acquired the assets of Wilson Marketing Group (WMG) in 2011. Wilson Marketing Group was a database management and market research firm that developed and maintained the definitive early childhood database. The acquisition provides early childhood marketers with more marketing opportunities and a broader reach. Highlights since 2011:

  • The Wilson early childhood database has been continuously updated by our on-site compiling team.
  • Customers now have access to early childhood educators in the MCH school database, child care centers and chains, and home day care providers.
  • MCH gathered industry thought leaders at the Early Childhood Marketing Leadership Council meeting to discuss funding, emerging trends, and legislation.
  • We invested in new technologies to launch Monitor Service, a game-changing compilation method that enables us to multi-verify millions of educator names each month, while adding new names and deleting names of educators no longer at schools. These new names are available only from MCH. You simply can’t get them from any other education data company.

The education market has evolved since 2011. Our commitment to the education market and the continuous investment in technology and innovation has enabled us to outdistance our competitors to provide the freshest, most accurate education data available.


The Winter Group

Winter GroupWinter Group started more than 30 years ago with one goal—to move beyond simply marketing to actually connect and influence real decision-makers. Winter Group serves the K-12, higher education, and library markets with a solid understanding of educators and the intricacies of the market. In addition, Winter Group developed Schedulr in partnership with MCH. Schedulr is the only education conference planner you will ever need. This mobile app enables education marketers to get detailed conference information, manage their schedule, and see relevant data from MHC—all with the click of a button.