Simple Ways to Thank a Teacher

This year, Teacher Appreciation Week is May 1-5 and National Teachers Day is May 9th. Teachers play such an important role in not only educating our youth, but they also play a critical role in developing them into capable adults.  For those individuals who want to make this week a little more special for teachers, we’ve pulled together some simple ideas to show your appreciation.  

Purchase Classroom Items

Did you realize that 93% of teachers spend their own money on classroom items that students need?  Offering to buy classroom items, or providing a gift card for teachers to use for supplies is a nice gesture and would most certainly be appreciated.  

Host a Party

A simple pizza party is easy and fun for both students and teachers.  Offering to bring in pizza and help clean up is a great way to break up the day.  

Offer a Special Promotion

Do you work for a retail company or a business that sells products that teachers need and want?  Offering a special discount for teachers during teacher appreciation week is always popular.  

Give out an Award

Sometimes the best recognition is a simple acknowledgment.  Have students make or download a special award for teachers is a nice gift from the heart.  Download one of these popular free templates to show your appreciation.