School Marketing Tips from Data Professionals

Turn to MCH Strategic Data for effective school marketing tips. From direct mail to email campaigns, learn the tips to make your next campaign a success.

Are you planning an email or direct mail campaign for schools, school districts, teachers, administrators, or other decision makers? MCH Strategic Data is a national leader in the collection of school data, and also offers effective school marketing tips to help make your next campaign a success.

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Successful school marketing tips begin with accurate data.

The first step in creating an effective school marketing campaign is to source reliable, up-to-date data. The data professionals at MCH Strategic Data have decades of experience in accurate data compilation for schools, teachers, and administrators all over the United States. MCH Strategic Data uses cutting edge technology to verify or update school marketing data every month. By sourcing the most accurate school marketing data possible, you are helping to increase your ROI and save on funds.

Time your campaigns effectively with school marketing tips from MCH Strategic Data.

The education universe follows a unique calendar year, so timing is especially important when marketing to schools. For example, in a survey conducted by District Administration and MCH, 60% of respondents indicated they had more than $1,000 remaining in their budget that needed to be used during the 90 days preceding the school fiscal year end.

Learn about school marketing tips for teachers.

82% of educators say they use personal funds to purchase educational products., and it’s important to market to teachers year-round. According to the above study, more than 77% of teachers have access to their school emails during summer months. They are also most likely to open emails that relate directly to their job or include a special offer. With school marketing data from MCH Strategic Data, you can build a custom list based on location, teach job title, school size, school features, and much more.

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