School Email Marketing Database

MCH Strategic Data provides campaign specific school data from a national school email marketing database, as well as effective email marketing strategies.

Before embarking on your next email marketing campaign, be sure to source your data from a verified school email marketing database. MCH Strategic Data has decades of experience in education data compilation, and provides accurate, up-to-date email marketing lists from their up-to-date school email marketing database. In addition to updated email marketing lists, MCH Strategic Data also offers email marketing strategies that can help make your next campaign a success.

Create custom lists from the vast MCH school email marketing database.

One way to increase your conversion rate and save funds is to create highly targeted, custom school email marketing lists. The experienced data professionals at MCH Strategic Data are trained to work with clients across the United States to create custom lists, sourced from the school email marketing database. These custom email lists are designed to help you reach the specific goals of your campaign.

These custom school email marketing database lists can be created by selecting specific data points. For example, if you were interested in marketing only to decision-makers at a district level, you could hand-select individuals with specific job titles, such as Superintendent, State Superintendent of Schools, School Board President, Purchasing Director, Athletic Director, Curriculum Director, Student Services Director, or other district decision-makers. You can also segment your list by location, school type, grade span, school programs, school features, religious affiliation, expenditures per student, and many other data points.

The MCH school email marketing database can be used hand-in-hand with effective school email marketing strategies.

Sourcing accurate, up-to-date school data is just one aspect of a successful campaign. There are specific strategies one can use when designing an email campaign. It’s important to consider timing, funding, audience, school type, location, and many other factors when marketing to schools. The data professionals at MCH Strategic Data can advise you on best campaign practices when email marketing to schools.

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