Reach teachers at home this summer!

Summer Break? Not for all educators!educator200-1

As you’re planning your K-12 back-to-school campaigns, don’t forget to reach teachers at home this summer!

Responses to our survey of K-12 educators show:

  • 75% of teachers monitor their school inbox during the summer months.
  • 50% of teachers make purchases for the upcoming year during the summer.
  • 76% of teachers are most likely to open emails that relate directly to their job.
  • Sending your offer to teachers at their home address can help build your brand.

Marketing tip: Send a Channel_e email to teachers at school to let them know you’re mailing a special offer or promotion to them at home. Send your direct mail piece to teachers at their home address during late June and July when they have time to review and evaluate your offer. Follow-up with a “did you miss it?” Channel_e email when teachers return to school in the fall.

Counts on our teacher website pages are updated every week!