Order School Mailing Lists Online

Order School Mailing Lists Online with MCH Data Online

When it’s time to design your next marketing campaign, order your school mailing lists online with MCH Data Online. This mailing list ordering site allows you to compile verified mailing lists, choosing from hundreds of thousands of apple-256263_640decision makers at schools nationwide. You can narrow yours school marketing lists based on public vs private schools, enrollment code, grade span, school type (hearing challenged, magnet, military, Montessori, special needs, visually challenged, alternative, boarding, adult education, year round, etc), music programs (concert band, marching band), school features (PTA/PTO, sports programs, gifted and talented, AP classes, bilingual programs, blue ribbon school, etc), religious affiliation (Jewish, Catholic, Islamic, Lutheran, Amish/Mennonite, 7th Day Adventist, etc), expenditure per student, number of classrooms, metro status (large central city, mid-size city, urban fringe of central city, urban fringe of mid-size city, large town, small town, rural, etc) and many other additional features.

Ordering School Mailing Lists Online Has Never Been Easier

MCH Data strives to make this self-service portal simple and easy to use. Clients can conduct multiple searches and refine those searches based on a wide variety of criteria. Once you’ve finished creating a school mailing list that is perfectly matched to your upcoming campaign, just place your order and export your school mailing list with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you have any questions about how to define your school mailing lists online or need assistance in creating a successful marketing campaign using a school mailing list, contact the sales team at MCH Data or check out our marketing strategies. You can order school mailing lists online any time, night or day. MCH Data Online is available to MCH clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. MCH Data can even assist in data integration so you can incorporate new, accurate, enhanced data with your current school mailing lists.