Online Services Overview

Use MCH Online Services to Get Results!

MCH Online Services Overview. MCH has two web-based online data portals, MCH Data Online and Infinite Access. In addition, MCH is an investor in A brief overview of the online marketing databases follows:

Infinite Access is an education-only online portal. It is a comprehensive database that includes the K-12 marketing universe comprised of 121,650 schools, 15,440 school districts, and 5 million educators. Education marketers can use Infinite Access for direct mail lists, sales prospecting, market research, territory analysis, and much more.

MCH Data Online is a self-service, online mailing list fulfillment site that includes all of our institutional data. Marketers have access to 685,000 decision makers at hospitals, schools, nursing homes, medical practices, and government offices located throughout the U.S. The site is available 24/7. is a professional social network for the education community. Education marketers can leverage edWeb to acquire leads, increase brand awareness, and improve revenue by sponsoring communities on the site. Community Sponsors receive all of the leads from the community including self-declared information as well as embellishments from MCH’s robust database.