Online Data Services

MCH Online Tools Will Help You Be More Efficient and Effective!

MCH online data services include:

Infinite Access is a subscription-based online school directory. It is a comprehensive database that includes the K-12 marketing universe comprised of 121,650 schools, 15,440 school districts, and 5 million educators by name, primary and secondary job function, phone number, and email address. Education marketers can use Infinite Access for direct mail lists, sales prospecting, market research, territory analysis, and much more.

Infinite Access incorporates leading-edge mapping technology to show District and School locations in either a standard road map or a bird’s eye geospatial view. Users can easily zoom in to see playground equipment, athletic facilities, buildings and grounds. The Profile function provides the chief administrator’s name and contact information, programs available at the institution, and the linkage between a district and its schools or a school and its parent district. Profiles can be printed for sales calls, presentations, and analysis.

Executives are using Infinite Access to develop business strategies, budget plans, and forecasts. Sales Managers use the online tool to identify opportunities, analyze and manage territories, and train sales teams. Marketers can take analytics to the next level by structuring unlimited what-if scenarios and receiving instantaneous answers.

If education is your market, Infinite Access is for you. It is a tool that delivers new features that will help users become more efficient, effective, and successful in education marketing.

MCH Data Online is an online mailing list ordering site that includes all of our institutional data. Marketers have access to 685,000 decision makers at hospitals, schools, nursing homes, medical practices, and government offices located throughout the U.S.

MCH Data Online is a self-service portal that is available 24/7. It’s easy to use, and enables marketers to conduct multiple searches, refine the search criteria, and export a mailing list. One of the benefits of using MCH Data Online is that marketers can use a single select to pull IT, Food Services, or HR Directors from one database rather than pulling from four separate databases.