Nationwide Data Analytic Services from MCH Strategic Data

MCH Strategic Data offers nationwide data analytic services

MCH Strategic Data offers incredibly accurate databases to marketers who wish to conduct a successful marketing campaign to institutions such as schools, government, healthcare, and churches. When a marketer compiles the lists they need in order to effectively organize a campaign, MCH Strategic Data’s team offers nationwide data analytic services to help monitor the success of a campaign and help plan for the future. The four tools that MCH Strategic Data offers as part of its nationwide data analytic services are as follows:

  • ESP™ Profile: Helps identify the subsets of the markets that are most valuable.
  • Channel_e™ Profile: Reveals prospects that are most likely to respond based on their past behavior.
  • Channel_e™ Enhanced Report: Helps marketers fully understand which market is most responsive with more metrics and sorting.
  • Matchback: Name and campaign oriented reports that help identify which list segments perform best in a mailing.

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