Monitor Service Update: Monitored Schools Up 35% – K-12 Personnel Up 31%

MCH Monitor ServiceFour months have passed since we announced our new Monitor Service in September. If you don’t know, the Monitor service is a new compiling methodology MCH is using to update and verify K-12 school personnel names. The essence of it is that we check the schools’ websites each month and update our database with the changes we see, enabling us to get close to a real-time updating and verification process.

I thought now would be a good time to share some numbers and insights we’ve gained as we’ve progressed.

MonthMonitored SchoolsMonitored PeopleSchools AddedPeople Added

As the chart shows, we have made steady progress. There was a lull in December when we adjusted our processing to make some efficiency gains, and you can see how the pace picked back up in January. The number of Monitored schools climbed 35% and the number of personnel by 31% over the 4 months.

What is more interesting, I think, is what we have learned about teacher turnover. Here are the numbers of professional personnel added to Monitored school websites each month. Because these schools are Monitored monthly, we know these individuals were not on the school website the prior month; they were added in the prior 40 days (30 days plus a few more for audits and permission passes). So it is obvious school personnel changes on school websites are happening constantly.

MonthTeachers Added

We began our new service after the bulk of new names were added to school web sites in July and August. However, starting in September we have good, consistent data. The chart below shows the new names as a percent of names in Monitored schools. After September we observed declines in October, November, and December as expected; then there was a substantial uptick in January. If you exclude September when the number of new names is expected to be high, the new names in the other months average 1.1% of the total per month.

Percent of Monitored Names that are New

It is worth remembering that since schools have not been expanding their staffs, each new name means another name has gone causing a twofold impact on marketers; a bad name is reached out to and a good new name is missed. The point, of course, is that changes are going on all year and a once a year compiling approach is not at all comparable to our new process. 1.1 percent a month amounts to a cumulative 10 percent of new names during the “slow” time of year from October through June.

We have audited a sample of these new names. About 75% are really new to the schools. Another 10% are name changes, presumably from teachers getting married. The changes are real but the teachers are not in fact really new. We have no way at present to identify the newlyweds but the fact we’ve picked up their new names quickly is a benefit, I think. The other 15% are a mix of oddities: a person added to the website before they took the job and who was subsequently removed, paraprofessionals who were promoted and appeared on the website for the first time, a few that slipped through our process somehow. (OK, I have to admit we are not perfect – but we’re working on it.)

We will have many more stats as we move forward. We are looking forward to the new 2014-15 school year when we will have substantially more Monitored schools, Monitored names, and new names. We should have a really good handle on teacher mobility next fall. I’ll keep you posted.