Membership Soars for is a partner of MCH Strategic Data. As such, I have a keen interest in what’s happening with this fast growing professional network for education. conducted a contest last fall to guess at what date membership would reach 100,000 (October 5th, World Teacher Day). I recently checked and saw membership was almost at 120,000. Lisa Schmucki, the founder and CEO, gave me some detailed membership data and I put together the following chart.





From this perspective, the membership growth rate has a nice smooth curve. I used the regression features in Excel to do the forecast. tends to attract the “movers and shakers” in the education field. They are all interested in taking their own time and investing in themselves to improve their knowledge and skills; and to interact with their peers. Even though there are upwards of 4,500,000 educators just in the U.S., and edWeb attracts a motivated subset, there doesn’t seem any reason why membership shouldn’t grow to 300,000 or more in the near term. In fact, growth may yet accelerate. Congratulations Lisa and the edWeb Team!

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