MCH Strategic Data Offers a Range of Custom Data Services

For a variety of effective custom data services, contact MCH Strategic Data

The experienced Response Lab at MCH Strategic Data helps provide a range of custom data services for postal and Channel_e™ email clients. Once these clients have received their incredibly accurate marketing lists from MCH Strategic Data’s extensive databases, the Response Lab can put its in-depth knowledge of databases and marketing strategies to work to help implement and run successful marketing campaigns.

Through MCH Strategic Data’s experience and specialized software, clients can be provided with a few of the following custom data services:

  • Custom Databases: This component of the custom data services helps clients configure custom databases to meet marketing objectives
  • Data Append: Append updated names, feature attributes, physical and email addresses, and more to records.
  • Analytics: Helps gain insights into the results of the campaign with detailed analytics
  • And much more!

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