MCH Strategic Data Announces Channel_e™ Enhanced Email Reports

Sweet Springs, Missouri – October 19, 2011 – MCH Strategic Data announced that it is now offering enhanced email reporting to provide our clients with comprehensive, in-depth information on their Channel_e email deployments. The new Channel_e Enhanced Email Reports provides marketers with detailed statistics to help them understand what offers their customers responded to and which target market was the most responsive.

The reports take advantage of the extensive feature information in the MCH database to help marketers better understand their most responsive target audience, according to Kirk Chritton, MCH’s Director of Product Development. “Our enhanced reports go far beyond standard email packages,” Chritton said. “The opens, clicks, and other metrics are shown across multiple segments. For example, education marketers can see how their response rates differed between public, private, and Catholic schools, large schools versus small schools, or the job function of the recipients. Likewise, healthcare campaigns can be analyzed by the size of the hospital, the type of hospital, and many other segments.”

The Channel_e Enhanced Email Reports are interactive, allowing users to dynamically sort results based on any metric. The reports also feature color charts for each segment group that illustrate the results with color graphics, making it easy for marketers to see trends in the results. In addition, the report data can be exported into spreadsheet or statistical software for analysis.

The new Channel_e Enhanced Email Report is now available on all MCH email deployments. MCH’s Response Lab is responsible for all facets of email marketing set-up and deployment. Each client receives a Channel_e Enhanced Email Report the day after their email deployment. They are able to monitor and track the results of clicks and opt-outs since the report is dynamically updated with new activity.

MCH’s Response Lab Manager, Christina Powers stated, “The Channel_e enhanced reporting is a superior reporting tool that will delight our customers. Initial response from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive and they’ve said it exceeds any reporting they’ve seen from other providers. We believe our clients will benefit in understanding the effectiveness of each of their email deployments, as well as how to incorporate the findings into their long-term marketing strategies.”

About MCH Strategic Data
MCH Strategic Data (, founded in 1928, is the new compiler of the QED Education Database, a comprehensive K-12 marketing database solution; as well as the new owner of Wilson Marketing Group, a market research firm specializing in the early childhood market. MCH provides email, direct mail, telemarketing, and social media marketing solutions focused on more than 5 million K-12 educators. The company’s business-to-institution focus also includes government agencies, hospitals, medical practices, schools, school districts, and churches. MCH is headquartered in Sweet Springs, Missouri, with additional offices in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, and Missouri.