Healthcare Data from MCH is Available in the Lightning Data Engine.

Now, salesforce users can access MCH’s data and intelligence for over 600,000 healthcare institutions across the United States. Users can fill gaps in their current customer data or append nearly 100 attributes to a current data set.  Having clean, accurate data in your CRM is critical for reducing errors and improving workflow processes.  Not to mention, the cleaner the data in your CRM, the higher CRM adoption rates will be.  If you are in a sales organization, CRM adoption is critical for managing territories, forecasting, and budget management.  Adding MCH data to your current data set is a simple way to gain the intelligence needed to improve results, boost team morale and generate higher returns.

Organizations know that they need to find solutions in order to compete in a volatile environment. Lightning Data provides a platform that makes it easy to get the intelligence and insights needed.  Customers use MCH healthcare data to rank, score, build segments and prioritize outreach. This information can be used to fuel sales and marketing efforts and help uncover new opportunities.

“Our long-term goal is to make MCH data available across multiple channels,” said Angela Ridpath VP Marketing for MCH Strategic Data. “It’s critical to build growth and retention strategies with clean, rich and accurate data. If we can help businesses make more meaningful connections with greater insight, we consider that a success.”

For more information on how you can access MCH’s data in the lightning data engine, contact us at