MCH Data Offers Email Marketing Solutions

The experienced and knowledgeable Sales and Email teams at MCH Data offer a variety of email marketing solutions to marketers who require assistance in developing an effective email marketing strategy, designing campaigns, and analyzing the results.

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Channel_e email marketing solutions from MCH Data is designed to provide those utilizing MCH Data’s databases with a suite of e-marketing tools. While there is a variety of Channel_e email marketing solutions available, each solution includes a pre-deployment analysis and enhanced report, designed to provide marketers with a preliminary spam score, a preflight quality checklist, a CAN-SPAM quality checklist, and rendering tests. From here, there are a wide variety of Channel_e solutions to choose from to provide effective email marketing solutions.

MCH Data offers email addresses in the church, dental, hospital, school, government, and many more databases. To receive a free quote for MCH’s email marketing solutions today, please click here.