Marketing to Librarians at Public Libraries…Accurate Data is Key!

When marketing to librarians at public libraries, be sure to obtain accurate information from data professionals.

old-books-436498_640MCH Strategic Data is a trusted source for mailing lists and marketing data for institutions across the United States. Businesses know that they can rely on MCH Strategic for up-to-date information about early childhood centers, colleges and universities, government institutions, hospitals and many other institutions.

Before marketing to librarians at public libraries, create a custom, up-to-date marketing list.

Let the data professionals at MCH Strategic Data help you create a tailored marketing list that is specific to your campaign goals. Consider the following questions:

  • Are you directing your campaign towards main public libraries or branch public libraries?
  • Would you like to reach out to specific job titles such as Head of Reference, AV/Media Librarian, Library Director, Youth Services Librarian, Young Adult Services Librarian, or Collection Development Librarian?
  • Are you interested in marketing to libraries with specific features? MCH Strategic Data can provide marketing lists for libraries with audio books, book mobiles, literacy programs, music programs, special needs services, and/or online catalogs.

To get started, contact the professionals at MCH Strategic Data today.