Marketing to Churches – Timing Matters!

If you are marketing to Christian churches, getting your offer in front of decision makers prior to Easter and Christmas is very important. These two holidays represent the peak donation times. This year Easter is early so the time to launch your campaign is now. Don’t forget that now is the time many churches make plans for VBS and other summer youth programs.

The timing of direct and email institutional marketing campaigns is important and can be very complicated. When you market to schools, you want to avoid spring breaks and holidays. If your products and services are best suited for local government offices, tapping into the three months prior to fiscal year-end is a golden opportunity.

Marketing to religious institutions requires a targeted strategy. As a comparison, when you market to businesses, your criteria could be based on sales volume, number of employees, or number of years in business. None of those selects work well when choosing which churches should receive your offer. A church might have only two full-time paid employees but have annual expenditures in the millions of dollars. A religious institution’s buying power may also be influenced by denomination, size, and wealth score.

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