Marketing Strategies to Consider When Mailing to Schools

Are you embarking on an education direct mail campaign? MCH Strategic Data offers marketing strategies to consider when mailing to

Marketing to the education universe can be overwhelming and complicated. Besides worrying about sourcing the most accurate, up-to-date data, marketers need to think about how to utilize effective marketing strategies when mailing to schools. The data professionals at MCH Strategic Data are experienced in providing reliable school marketing data, as well as offering tips for success when mailing to schools.

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MCH Strategic Data offers the most up-to-date data in the industry.

MCH Strategic Data is a trusted source for accurate educational data for schools, teachers, and administrators throughout the United States. Before you begin mailing to schools, it’s important to source the most reliable, up-to-date data possible. MCH Strategic Data’s unique Monitor Service is designed to provide the freshest mailing lists in the industry. The millions of names, job functions, and email addresses of teachers and administrators in all 50 states are verified by MCH Strategic Data each and every month. No one else in the education data industry provides this important¬†service. The MCH Strategic Data Monitor Service helps to increase response rates, build better lead generation programs, create more targeted communications, and reach contacts your current data provider cannot provide.

MCH Strategic Data helps you to utilize effective marketing strategies when mailing to schools.

The data professionals at MCH Strategic Data are extremely knowledgeable about the education universe and can provide strategies to make your next campaign a success. For example, did you know that the district universe is stratified so you need only contact the top 15% of districts to reach 72% of the market as measured by student population? It’s also imperative to consider timing when mailing to schools. In an MCH Strategic Data survey of school administrators, 97.6% of business managers, and 87.8% of other district staff indicated they make independent purchasing decisions regarding fiscal year-end funds. The same population also mentioned that they like to hear about special offers by email before April 1st.

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