The need is REAL and the need is NOW

Your GSA Contract Gives You an Immediate Advantage in the Education Market.

America’s schools now face unprecedented scrutiny of their security preparations in the wake of recent school violence, and as a result; America’s schools are actively upgrading security. Under the GSA’s Cooperative Purchasing Program, public schools and districts and institutions of higher education can now purchase safety and security-related products and services under the same terms and conditions as Federal agencies.

What does this mean for you as a GSA Vendor?

• A competitive advantage over schools’ local suppliers

• Simplified procurement – less red tape with the elimination of multiple quotes for best price or time intensive RFP processes

• A new audience of 80,000+ prospects that are motivated and ready to buy from you and buy now



The need is REAL. The need is NOW.

A real need exists right now in the education community for greater security. Seize the opportunity to increase your sales of security products by tapping into the education market.

Let MCH Strategic Data connect your company with K-12 and higher education key decision makers. If you’re looking to get a lot MORE for a lot LESS, start a conversation with us today.



The Do’s & Don’ts of Marketing to Educators:


1. Tell educators/schools about the Cooperative Purchasing Program and how it can save them significant amounts of time and money

2. Market your solutions to multiple people in each school and district

3. Customize your promotional message and material to school needs and priorities

4. Focus on human needs – schools don’t resonate with messages of ROI and other business terminology

5. Offer schools help in processing their order in a GSA compliant way – i.e. consulting

6. Offer other education references



1. Assume the educator community knows this process or about the program inside and out – use everyday language to explain the program and your product offering

2. Offer products not appropriate for the school market – i.e. guns

3. Overlook small and private schools – every school now has security issues as a major concern that must be addressed, regardless of size

4. Over complicate things – explain in simple language why product A is better than product B or how products can be used to address real safety and security concerns



No community is too small, wealthy or rural to avoid properly securing their schools. MCH Strategic Data can provide you with direct access to ALL key decision makers across the nation.


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