City & County Government Marketing Strategies

MCH Local Government Marketing Strategies & Tips

MCH compiles a Local Government marketing database that includes a broad range of decision makers at City Government offices and County Government offices across the U.S. You can select from more than 60 job functions including County Clerks, City Managers, Human Resources Directors, Auditors, Assessors, and Presiding Judges.

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Most Local Governments operate under “use-it-or-lose-it” mandates, meaning departments must spend their entire allotted budget prior to the end of the fiscal year or run the risk of receiving a smaller budget allotment in the subsequent year. You can use our Local Government postal addresses and email addresses to boost your revenue by timing your campaign for the clean-up spending period prior to the end of the fiscal year.

Marketing to Local Governments can be challenging because they respond differently based on geography and population. For example, targeting the City Manager in a major metropolitan area can have a totally different outcome from targeting the City Manager in a smaller rural area.

Response rates can vary dramatically in this segment. Some local governments control budgets equal to Fortune 1000 businesses so selecting by local population is an excellent way to refine your marketing strategy.

The MCH Local Government database compiled by MCH includes the mailing address, physical address, email address, telephone number, local population, population score, wealth score, URL, and more. Local government decision makers can be selected by job function with mailing address, email address, telephone number, and more.

Correctional Institutions & Sheriff’s Departments

If your product is gender specific, you can select only the Correctional Institutions that serve males or females. Many Correctional facilities offer pre-release, vocation, substance abuse and health education programs. And, some jails even have schools on-site so it’s a great opportunity to target the Education Supervisor. Correctional Institutions are excellent prospects for educational products, recreational equipment, cleaning supplies, and food service products.

Sheriff’s Departments are responsible for crime prevention and investigation. They are closely affiliated with county jails and provide law enforcement staffing for county courts. Selections include number of officers and size of department.

County Extension Offices

County Extension Offices are located in every county in the U.S. and operate in partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, state land-grant universities, and county governments. They provide education to members of the community on a broad range of topics spanning agriculture to family economics.

County Extension Youth Groups are educational programs that assist young people in developing skills to become productive members of their communities.

Fire Departments & Ambulance Services

There can be a large variance in response rates depending on your target. A large metropolitan Fire Department typically has paid employees and a much larger budget than a volunteer Fire Department. However, volunteer Fire Departments make great fundraising targets.

Marketers can make selections on Ambulance Services based on number of responders, number of employees, and whether air ambulance services are offered. There is a dramatic difference in the buying power of a privately owned, freestanding ambulance service compared to a volunteer Fire Department.

Police Departments & Highway Patrol

Police Departments can be selected by number of officers on staff, precinct location, or decision makers including Police Chief or Commanding Officer. In many communities, the Police Department sponsors the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program to educate and mentor youth.

Highway Patrol Offices can be selected by Headquarters or Zone Office location.

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