Use ESEA and IDEA funds for digital teaching and learning

Richard Culatta, Director of the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education recently wrote an open letter to educators. In the letter, Culatta shares examples of  how schools and districts can leverage ESEA and IDEA funds for digital teaching and learning purposes.

It’s interesting to note that the examples provided were limited to only ESEA and IDEA funding although Culatta noted, “funds from many other formula and competitive grant programs that are administered by the Department of Education (ED) may also be used for this purpose.”  The examples provided include:

Professional Development

  • Support Teachers Using Digital Learning Tools
  • Provide Online Professional Development
  • Implement Systems to Collect, Manage, and Analyze Data
  • Adopt Digital Competency-Based Professional Development

Student Materials, Resources, and Support

  • Provide Access to College- and Career-Ready (CCR) Digital Resources
  • Enhance Instruction for English Learners with Digital Resources
  • Expand the Use of Technology in the Individualized Education Program Process

Educator Communication and Collaboration

  • Use Technology to Communicate with Parents
  • Use Technology to Connect Educators with STEM Professionals
  • Participate in English Learner Focused Communities of Practice


  • Provide Students with Mobile Learning Devices
  • Provide Students with Assistive Technology Devices

Read the entire letter now.