Don’t let your K12 Product Launch be a DUD – 5 Ways to make it POP!  

Are you launching a new product or service in the K12 market sector?  It’s important to make sure you are taking the right steps to implement a multi-channel marketing strategy to get noticed and make a good first impression. If you fail to launch properly, your product could be considered a dud.

The excitement of watching the fireworks on the 4th of July is all about the lead up, the prep, and the anticipation.  You make plans weeks or months in advance. On that day, you pack a blanket and picnic basket full of goodies; arrive early to get a good spot, knowing you are going to be spending a few hours with friends and family waiting in anticipation for the show to begin.  

What would happen if after all that time, there were just a one or two small fireworks, or worse, none at all? Instead, they played last year’s fireworks on the big display screen.  You would be pretty upset and probably never return to that event in the future.

This is similar to launching a new product or service. It is all about the anticipation and lead up, teasing the new product over several months or weeks before you go “live”. Planning and Implementing a Multi-Channel marketing strategy will be the linchpin to your success.  

5 steps to a successful launch  

1. Market Research Do your research. Understanding your audience will allow you to tap into the actual problem this solves for them.  This is a key factor for creating your messaging strategy. Using a tool like Infinite Access can help you define your market sector.

2. Tease your product. It should be vague at the start, to build momentum. Allude to the problem it will solve for your customers so they want to stay in tune for the next communication. Remember the Apple Ad 1984?

3. Gradually turn up the volume with each communication to create anticipation, giving more details about the features and benefits. Make sure to include all media channels – be creative! Implementing a triggered email campaign will allow you to create different messages for each action.

4. Remember your customers–  Scheduling a launch event or party by inviting your top customers to give them an exclusive look at your new offering will go a long way and make long lasting relationships

5. Your Grand Finale! You product has to deliver what you promised when it goes live.

Extreme Caution:  If you over promise and under deliver, your chance to win has fizzled out before you even started.  Your reputation will take a major blow if you are not 100% locked and loaded to launch your new product.  

For the best results, work with a partner that can provide high quality marketing data and services to support your multi-channel strategy.  Supercharge your launch program with MCH’s quality K12 educators and school data.

Learn about Infinite Access and our other data services, let MCH  help you make your K12 product launch a success. Contact us today.