K-12 Spending – Education Marketers Need to Act Now!

Free Webinar - K-12 Spending: Why You Need to Act Now!I hope a lot of people listened to the MCH/District Administration webinar. It’s obvious from our survey and from the comments of Roger and Don that public schools and and school districts are spending  now. Based on some rough back-of-the-napkin calculations using our survey data, I think more than $2 billion, yes, $2 billion will be spent by public schools before June 30th. So the amount of money is surprising to me. What’s also an eye-opener is the number of individual decision-makers and budgets involved. Based on the eight job functions we surveyed, there are some 250,000 budgets out there where the money will come from with the equivalent number of “deciders.” There are additional budgets like the athletics departments that we didn’t survey, so the real numbers are higher than our estimates. There are many more marketing “targets” than just the principals and superintendents. I hope marketers will target the decision-makers most likely to have an interest in their products and that they will keep getting their messages out from now until mid-June.