K-12 Marketers – the time is now!!

The time is nowBased on some anecdotal evidence, it seems that school administrators are very conscious of the financial concerns of the public. Therefore they are taking steps to make their year-end spending less visible by spreading it out. In other words, the money is being spent over the last 3 or 4 months of the fiscal year so a surge in June is not obvious. The retired superintendent Randall Collins of Waterford, CT Public Schools on our webinar on March 6th made that point clear. A colleague also sent me this Facebook posting by a school librarian: “We’re ordering books cos last day to do it is friday so it’s like a feeding frenzy here at the library.” Friday would be today, March 15th. If you are planning some marketing/sales efforts to get your share of this spending, it’s more important than ever to get going now, in my opinion.