Infinite Access Subscriptions & Pricing

Pick the subscription that fits your needs

There’s an Infinite Access subscription to fit your needs. Whether you want to view K-12 funding data, export data, or just view maps, profiles, and reports, you can immediately put Infinite Access to work for your business.

Basic SubscriptionProfessional Subscription
Geographic AreaNational
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State or Multi-State
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Single User$499/year$3,499/yearStarting at $199/year
Additional Users (up to 4)N/A$499/year eachContact Us
Volume User PackagesN/AContact UsN/A
Export Credits IncludedNone100,000Varies
Additional Export CreditsAvailable for purchaseAvailable for purchaseAvailable for purchase
Full K-12 Database X X X
Advanced Queries X X X
Saved Searches X X X
Personnel Search X X X
Interactive Maps X X X
Institution Profiles X X X
Export Lists and DataWith purchase of
export credits
 X X
Direct EmailWith purchase of
export credits
 X X
Email Visible on ScreenN/A X X