Impact of Sequestration on Education

Impact of Sequestration on EducationFor those of us who are attempting to understand the impact of sequestration on K-12 funding, the National Education Association (NEA) has identified $3 billion in education funding that is at risk due to sequestration scheduled to go into effect on March 1, 2013. If Congress fails to act, the NEA projects the following impact:

  • Services cut or eliminated for millions of students.
  • Funding for children living in poverty, special education, and Head Start slashed by billions.
  • Ballooning class sizes.
  • Elimination of after-school programs.
  • Decimation of programs for our most vulnerable—homeless students, English language learners, and high-poverty, struggling schools.
  • Slashing of financial aid for college students.
  • Loss of tens of thousands of education jobs—at early childhood, elementary, secondary, and postsecondary levels.

The state-by-state, fund-by-fund financial impact analysis can be found at