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MCH Healthcare Marketing Strategies & Tips

The MCH healthcare database is comprehensive and includes a broad range of decision makers at Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and smaller healthcare institutions located throughout the U.S. In addition, we compile contact information for Doctors, Medical Practices,Dentists, and Dental Practices.
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 The healthcare industry is enormous and encompasses institutions ranging from small Substance Abuse treatment centers, Home Health offices, and Hospice providers to Multi-Hospital Systems. The MCH Healthcare database enables you to select the features that best fit your needs—whether its control, number of employees, licensed capacity, location, type of degree, specialty or specific departments.

There are thousands of healthcare decision makers with independent budgets. The success of any marketing campaign is directly dependent on effectively targeting the right decision maker at the right location. The MCH team understands the nuances of healthcare marketing and we can use that knowledge to help you maximize the effectiveness of your marketing dollars.

Here are a few tips:

Hospitals are large and have complex accounting systems. Typically, each department Chief or Administrator has an independent budget. The MCH database contains contact information for decision makers in more than 90 departments. In addition, you can fine-tune your campaign by using selects including hospital type, ownership, number of employees, number of beds, and more.

Compared to other types of institutions, there are relatively few hospitals. For example, there are only about 6,700 hospitals compared to more than 100,000 schools. Due to the small quantity, you don’t need to reduce your campaign based on geography or demographics. It’s usually best to market to the entire universe.

You can improve your response rates by targeting specific decision makers by department and by using personal-name lists.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers provide same-day surgical procedures on an outpatient basis and are buyers of medical, janitorial, and office supplies, furniture, and more. Specialties range from Dermatology to ENT to Plastic Surgery and Pain Management. You can target your campaign by specialty, type of degree, or number of employees.

Community Health Centers provide primary healthcare to under-served populations including patients who are migrants, homeless, or suffering from substance abuse. In addition, they provide affordable care to the uninsured and recently unemployed. Community Health Centers receive federal funding and grants to support their operations. You can select by type of degree, funding source, and more.

Dentists and DocHealthcare from MCHtors purchase health and medical supplies, newsletters, continuing education materials, seminars, office supplies, and furniture. You should also direct your offer to the office manager at Medical Group Practices and Dental Practices since that person may significantly impact purchasing decisions.

While some products and services are well-suited for all dentists and physicians, other offers may be designed to address a particular disease or treatment group. MCH can help you target your campaign to the professionals most likely to be interested in your offer and we can also help you decide whether you should deliver your offer by mail, email, telephone or all three!

Diagnostic Imaging Centers provide services that aid in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases or injuries. They are buyers of a variety of products ranging from medical products and equipment to furniture and magazines. You can select by type of service provided, type of degree, or number of employees. We also identify diagnostic centers that are part of a multi-facility chain.

Home Health & Hospice provide nursing services to thousands of Americans in their homes. They also administer medicine, provide medical monitoring, therapy, and support to terminally ill patients and their caregivers.

It’s important to utilize the correct strategy when marketing to these institutions appropriately since there is a distinct difference in spending between non-profit and for-profit operations. You can select home health & hospice institutions by control, number of employees, services offered, and whether the institution is freestanding or located at a nursing home or hospital.

Healthcare Marketing Strategies

Nursing Homes provide convalescent care for patients. They are buyers of diverse products ranging from hospital furniture and medical equipment to arts and crafts supplies. The Activities Director typically has a large budget used for non-medical purchases. We include Assisted Living and Retirement Homes in the Nursing Home database because the same organizations often provide long-term care and retirement housing.

You can select from a dozen of the most requested programs and services offered at these institutions. You can also use bed size, capacity, skilled bed size, and location to fine-tune your campaign. To get a lift in your response rates, be sure to include our New-to-File personnel.

Public Health Departments are responsible for providing services for under-served populations, immunizations, health screenings, public education, and coordinating response of local health emergencies. They are buyers of medical and office supplies, continuing education programs, technology products and services, educational and nutritional publications, and more.

We can help you determine whether the agency is under city, county, or state control. In addition, you can select Public Health Departments by the type of services provided including AIDs, children’s services, family planning, mental health, and WIC programs.

Urgent Care Centers provide treatment to patients outside of hospital emergency rooms. The centers can also be called Walk-in Medical Clinics, Ambulatory Care Centers, Doc in the Box, and Intermediate Care Centers. Many of these facilities have their own pharmacies and x-ray equipment. They are buyers of medical, office, and janitorial supplies, magazines, furniture, children’s furniture, electronics, and technology products and services.

Fine-tune your campaign by selecting by the practice size or number of physicians.

Contact the MCH team today to learn more about our Healthcare database and how our healthcare mailing lists and healthcare email lists can help you boost response rates and achieve your marketing goals.

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