Best in class healthcare data

MCH Strategic Data has made it easy for businesses to build extraordinary healthcare marketing programs using their comprehensive healthcare data. Real-time healthcare data intelligence from multiple sources is now accessible across CRM and marketing automation platforms with their DataLocity application.

Companies targeting the healthcare industry looking to build extraordinary healthcare marketing programs can now build highly relevant, targeted, sales and marketing outreach plans based on rich intelligence of the healthcare industry. Users can conduct searches using actionable attributes to enrich data on over 600,000 healthcare institutions across the United States.

The benefit to users is to always have the most current healthcare data needed to stay on top of current accounts to understand shifting business drivers and recognize upcoming opportunities or threats.Healthcare sales and marketing professionals can easily identify and expand influences across customer as well as prospective accounts.

According to Angela Ridpath, VP Marketing for MCH Strategic Data, “Our data makes it easy for businesses to make more meaningful connections with customers and prospects.”

MCH’s mission is to help businesses uncover new opportunities through the use of their data and technology services. Making their healthcare data available across multiple platforms is one way to support that mission.