Guaranteed U.S. School Addresses

MCH Strategic Data is known nationwide for providing guaranteed U.S. school addresses. Famous for reliability and accuracy, MCH Strategic Data offers up-to-date school data.

steinbach-56641_640MCH Strategic Data is known for being a national leader in providing accurate data, including mailing addresses for government institutions, healthcare institutions and schools across the country. If you’re in need of guaranteed U.S. school addresses, look to the data professionals at MCH Strategic Data.

Because of highly reliable data gathering, MCH Strategic Data is able to offer their customers the MCH Strategic Data GetThere™ Guarantee. This allows customers to return any mail pieces with MCH-compiled institutional addresses that have been returned by the post office due to an invalid address to MCH. If returned within 90 days from the customer’s invoice date, then a refund of 50¢ per piece will be provided.

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