Front Line Comments Regarding K-12 Year-End Spending

Time and moneyInteresting comments from Randall Collins and Don Macrino on our webinar, K-12 Spending: Why You Need to Act Now. Clearly, they take their end-of-year spending very seriously and are very much aware of the sensitivity their taxpayers might have to their spending every last dime. They even call it “dumping money”. So they spread it over the April-June quarter so as not to make a big bulge in spending in June. The business manager alerts the staff around this time of year (March) about the amount of money available for each budget with a reminder that it is “time to spend”. Since they are trying to spend, they can make decisions very quickly. It’s a good time for discount offers for new products or from new vendors because they are motivated to spend and if they can save some money it is justified. They also don’t have as much time as normal to evaluate and research the products or new vendors. Translated, it’s a good time for them to experiment as long as what they purchase is consistent with their plans.