Email Services

Email is the Fastest-Growing Channel. Why?

Marketers have had lots of success staying in touch with their customers through email. But prospecting is harder. One of the first mistakes is thinking that email is like direct mail. Send out a message and wait for the orders to flow in. We wish that were so.

Think of email as a medium for a sustained campaign to build a brand or nurture a prospect. Think of email as a way to reinforce your direct mail channel. Use retargeting and auto-followup emails as ways of keeping your brand or message in front of your audience and developing web traffic.

One thing that is the same as direct mail is the need for a high quality, accurate list. You may not be exposed to the hard costs of a direct mail campaign like postage and printing, but inaccurate email lists have issues also. Poor targeting means more recipients send your message to their┬áspam folder which hurts your reputation as an emailer. Emails are expensive when compared to mailing lists. So if you pay for emails you don’t need and that don’t respond, your cost per click sky rockets. As ever, testing lists, messages, and creative are fundamental.

As with direct mail lists, MCH offers free tools and reports that enable you to identify high-performing audiences and master your e-marketing. MCH also has the highest quality and freshest email lists in K-12. Improve your ROI by using the highest value emails available.