Ed Table Talk: Privacy, Anonymity, and Instruction

Tuesday, May 20th – 2:00 PM Eastern / 1:00 Centraled-table-talk-resources

Privacy, Anonymity, and Instruction

Privacy today looks very different than it did 20 years ago… and the drive toward more personalized instruction from students, parents, and educators challenges privacy even further. Is it possible to build barriers to thwart data thieves and support general anonymity while providing educators with access to assessment and more nuanced qualitative information? The ability to balancing these demands is essential if we are to realize the benefits that personalized learning can offer.

Communities are trying to address the challenge of providing the infrastructure to support quality education, while still adhering to socially acceptable policies around data security and anonymity. With instruction, it’s not simply about assessment but providing substantial feedback that allows students to become masters of their own learning. In order to be effective, educators and educational environments need to know who the learner is, balance the trade offs between complete anonymity and provide access to information that informs instruction

Join Michael Jay and guests as they take a bite out of the hard questions like:

  1. How is technology outside of education progressing and how can we leverage it to improve our systems?
  2. How can we educate decision makers about the trade offs around privacy/anonymity and also set expectations with parents and the larger community?

No answer is set in stone. Join in on the rich discussion served up by our dinner guests to investigate the benefits and pitfalls of privacy and anonymity: Who do you need to know to learn around here?

Guests a The Table: