Early Childhood Marketing Leadership Council

The MCH Early Childhood Marketing Leadership Council

In late October 2013, MCH Strategic Data hosted Early Childhood thought leaders at a conference in Kansas City where they discussed trends, state and federal legislation, challenges, and emerging marketing opportunities.

Panelists at the event included:

During the six-hour Early Childhood Marketing Leadership Council conference, the panel extensively discussed four distinct early childhood segments and their interrelationships, enrollment and funding data, trends, and emerging opportunities.

  • Family Day Care
  • Head Start
  • Publicly funded preschools
  • Independent preschools

Council members agreed that state and federal legislation will push for higher standards and more regulation, Common Core curriculum is expanding to preschool (age 4) and younger, and the investments in age zero to three are likely to grow.

Learn more by downloading the Council Overview presentation.

Read John F. Hood’s white paper, From the Old K-12 to the New “Age 0-18” Market.