E-mail Marketing to Hospitals

computer-1149148_640Are you a hospital looking to find the perfect e-mail marketing list? MCH Strategic Data provides reliable e-mail marketing to hospitals.

Marketers and other businesses turn to MCH Strategic Data for reliable e-mailing marketing to hospitals. Marketers need a e-mail marketing list that will target the hospital audience for a successful marketing campaign dedicated to the medical industry.

MCH Strategic Data has dependable e-mail marketing to hospitals via a database that focuses on hospitals. Marketers are able to view a variety of information that better targets their audience. For example, the database on hospitals provides information on the type of hospital (i.e. Hospital System HQ), control (i.e. Nonprofit), annual budget code (i.e. actual or estimated), religious affiliation (i.e. Catholic), primary funding source (i.e. public), number of employees, facility codes, and much, much more! To view an example of the list of e-mail marketing to hospitals database, click here. For a quote, click here.