Doctor Office Manager Lists Are Overlooked

Don’t Forget About Doctor Office Manager Lists.

doctor office manager lists

Doctor office manager lists? Most marketers want to go right for the doctors. However, we recommend directing an offer to the office manager at medical practices and dental practices. Why you ask? Well, that person has a large impact on purchasing decisions. First, MCH can help you decide what type of practice you are should target your marketing efforts towards. MCH Data has medical practice data lists separated by number of physicians, sales volume, medical specialties, office manager specialties. A user can gather data for direct mail, email, phone, and database purposes.

For example, MCH Data can provide a user a list encompassing teaching medical practices with 4 – 9 physicians, 1 million in sales and a specialty in orthopedics. Check!

MCH Data can provide doctor office manager lists to target the right medical practices.

While some products and services are well-suited for all dentists and physicians, other offers may be designed to address a particular disease or treatment group. MCH can help you target your campaign to the professionals most likely to be interested in your offer and we can also help you decide whether you should deliver your offer by mail, email, telephone or all three!

The healthcare industry is enormous and encompasses institutions ranging from small Substance Abuse treatment centers, Home Health offices, and Hospice providers to Multi-Hospital Systems. The MCH Healthcare database enables you to select the features that best fit your needs—whether its control, number of employees, licensed capacity, location, type of degree, specialty or specific departments.  MCH Data offers advising as a benefit of our data. MCH Data wants to work with you and your marketing objectives.

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