Direct Mail Marketing Services from MCH Data

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Direct mail is still one of the most effective methods of acquiring new customers. Direct mail can be personalized, it’s easily tracked, and it’s a channel that most marketers have been using for many years. When a marketer is in need of assistance in creating and implementing a successful direct mail marketing campaign, they can turn to MCH Strategic Data’s Sales Managers for incredibly effective direct mail marketing services.

MCH Strategic Data has extensive experience in providing direct mail marketing services and understands the nuances associated with marketing to institutions like schools, hospitals, government offices, and more. A few examples of these nuances include:

  • Business metrics and attributes are not appropriate for institutions (i.e. A church can’t be marketed to based on annual revenue)
  • Institutions represent 12% of the records on a typical B2B database, but they represent 33% of the U.S. economy, making them susceptible to under-marketing
  • Institutions commonly share physical and/or mailing addresses and often have similar names. For example, a church may have a school located at it’s address, or a school may have its mail delivered to a central district office for distribution.

MCH Strategic Data understands how to effectively offer direct mail marketing services. Click here to get your free quote for MCH Strategic Data’s effective direct mail marketing services.