Direct Mail

High Quality Lists are Essential for Responsive Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is still the most popular marketing channel — because it works. Direct mail also supports all the other channels you might use.

MCH’s proven accurate mailing lists mean better ROI for you. Why? Direct Mail is expensive – not the lists you use but the paper, printing, and postage. Every inaccurate name means wasted money and no chance for a response. ¬†Use the best list to get the best response.

The education market is tricky, especially compared to other B2B markets or consumer markets. Often decision-makers are at a school and the PO’s are issued by the district making it hard to track responses. The people who choose the products are not the people who sign the PO’s. There are lots of other tricks too. For instance, one of the most overlooked opportunities is at the end of the fiscal year, the March to June period, when the use-it-or-lose-it mentality influences spending decisions. MCH has many available resources¬†that explain the intricacies of K-12 direct mail marketing.

Ask us for a list recommendation. Our experienced sales staff has been making effective recommendations for years. We would love to help you too.