Up-to-Date School District Funding Data

MCH Strategic Data provides up-to-date school district funding data that is updated annually and verified daily.

Accurate information regarding the district budgets, technology budgets, and school district expenditures per student can be incredibly helpful when designing a school district marketing campaign. MCH Strategic Data is known by it’s customers as a trusted source for accurate, up-to-date school district funding data, as well as support in designing, managing, and analyzing direct mail, email, and telephone marketing campaigns.

Create a targeted marketing list based on a variety of up-to-date school district funding data.

Creating a targeted marketing list can help to focus on the customers that are most likely to convert. Consider segmenting your list by school district expenditures per student, school district instructional expenditures per student, district technology budget, child care center funding, or 21st Century Learning Center Grantees.

To get started, contact MCH Strategic Data and learn more about how up-to-date school district data can  help you create a successful marketing campaign.