Up-to-Date Lists for K-12 Schools and Administrators

MCH Strategic Data is a trusted source of accurate, institutional data, including up-to-date lists for K-12 schools, administrators, educators, and staff members.

Ready to embark on an email, telephone, direct-mail, or multi-channel campaign for K-12 schools in the United States? MCH Strategic Data has decades of experience in compiling, organizing, and analyzing institutional data for schools, hospitals, government offices, and other institutions throughout the United States. Make your next campaign a success with accurate, reliable data from MCH Strategic Data.

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With up-to-date lists for K-12 schools and administrators, you can rest assured that you will reach your key audience. MCH Strategic Data offers the most up-to-date school data available, and can assist you in building highly targeted lists for K-12 administrators, teachers, staff members, and other educators.

Create custom lists for K-12 administrators with data from MCH Strategic Data.

Creating custom lists for K-12 administrators can help you to reach your targeted audience. This can potentially increase conversion rates and save funds. You can choose to segment your lists by job titles to reach those individuals who are most likely to convert. For example, you could select from Elementary Principal, Middle School Principal, High School Principal, Head of School, Building Administrator, Activities Director, Assistant Principal, Dean, Head Teacher, and many other job titles.

Lists for K-12 administrators from MCH Strateic Data are guaranteed for accuracy.

MCH Strategic Data is confident in the accuracy of their lists for K-12 schools and administrators. In the rare instance that you do find an incorrect address, simply return any mail pieces with MCH-compiled institutional addresses that have been returned by the post office due to an invalid address to MCH. If returned within 90 days from your invoice date, then a refund of 50¢ per piece will be provided.

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