Data Integration Solutions

Grow Your Business with MCH Data Integration Solutions

MCH is a specialized data compiler that uses rigorous standards to compile marketing databases spanning schools, hospitals, local government offices, and churches. These standards are important in locking the data into a structure that can be integrated into your marketing database or CRM system.

MCH offers a suite of services that enable our clients to create, populate, or enhance their in-house database. Our data can be used on a standalone basis or with many other sources of data for modeling and analytics. The value in using MCH data is that we include appropriate job titles and deep attributes specific to each institution type.

Data integration can range from simple to high-level. For example, clients can send their customer inquiries or email lists to MCH for a match against our database. We return enhanced records including name, institution, job title, phone number, etc. On the other hand, some clients license the entire database and import it into their own system.

B2B marketers who use generalized databases have found great value in our markets. They use our data to identify institutional buyers and tap into our database to get more names.