Custom Marketing Services for Doctors

Contact MCH Strategic Data to receive custom marketing services for doctors

At MCH Strategic Data, the experienced MCH Response Lab™ provides a wide range of custom marketing services for doctors, and the other institutions that MCH Strategic Data compiles extensive data for. From MCH Strategic Data’s doctor database, marketers can create targeted lists to reach doctors nationwide based on a variety of factors, including job title, gender, type of degree obtained, local population, wealth score, and more.

Once the data is obtained, MCH Strategic Data’s Response Lab™ can help provide custom marketing services for doctors. These services can include:

  • Custom Databases: MCH can configure custom databases to meet specific marketing objectives.
  • Data Append: Append updated names, feature attributes, phone numbers, addresses, and more to an in-house data file.
  • Merge/Purge and Postal Processing: Help determining specifications to create the most effective mail file
  • And much more!

For marketers in need of custom marketing services for doctors, MCH Strategic Data is a one-stop resource. Click here to get a free quote from MCH Data for custom marketing services for doctors today.