Custom Data Services

Use MCH Custom Data Services to Analyze and Improve Results

The MCH Response Lab™ provides a wide range of custom solutions for our postal and Channel-e email clients. The Response Lab team has in-depth knowledge of our databases and also understands the nuances and traps that can dramatically impact the results of a marketing campaign. We have a host of specialized software products that we use to help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

The MCH Response Lab provides services including:

  • Custom Databases: Whether you’re using data from one source or dozens, the MCH Response Lab can configure custom databases to fit your marketing objectives.
  • Data Append: Magnify the power of your house file by adding data from the comprehensive QED Education Database. Append updated names, feature attributes, phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, and more to your customer records.
  • Merge/Purge and Postal Processing: CASS, NCOA, and more are all at the command of the Response Lab. Our experienced staff will work with you to determine your specifications for a powerful mail file.
  • Data Hygiene: Need your data whipped into shape? It’s a constant challenge to keep a house file ready for action. We use a broad combination of automated processes and human quality control to standardize and enhance your data.
  • Analytics: We can help you gain valuable insight into your results with detailed analytics, including matchback analysis.
  • Profiles: The ESP Ehanced Sales Potential™ customer database profile is an analytical tool that will reveal the market segments that best respond to your offers.

Client data projects can range from very simple to extremely complex. We typically begin a client project with a conference call between MCH technicians and our client to make sure the goal is clear and that both parties understand the process and the objective. Using the MCH Response Lab can help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.