Contact 1,771,905 Healthcare Decision Makers at 588,798 Institutions

Healthcare Decision MakersSelecting the right decision maker at the right location is crucial. We can help you reach hundreds of thousands of decision makers by mail, email, or phone. Here are just a few examples of healthcare institutions, job functions, and selection criteria available in our comprehensive database:

7,149   Hospitals
Chief Administrator | Ambulatory Services Director | HR Director | Food Services Director
Bed Size | Ownership | Control | Personnel in More than 95 Departments

15,340   Nursing Homes
Chief Administrator | Activities Director | HR Director | Medical Director
Programs | Services | Capacity | Location

11,432   Home Healthcare/Hospice Facilities
Administrator | Nursing Director | Medical Director
Control | Location | Services Provided

183,594   Dentists
Specialty | Type of Degree

35,180 Dental Practices
Specialty | Office Managers

887,186   Doctors
Specialty | Type of Degree

125,472   Medical Group Practices
Specialty | Office Managers

76,874   Doctors at Hospitals
Specialty | Type of Degree

Our healthcare database includes institutions ranging from public health departments to independent diagnostic imaging centers to large multi-hospital system headquarters.