Has Technology Radically Altered Buyer Expectations?

No market lives in isolation. Teachers buy classroom materials, but they also buy shoes, snacks, gasoline, and home computers. The experiences they have in one market will often set expectations in all markets. Today, technology enables one-click, perfectly made-to-order, satisfaction delivered within moments. Major consumer brands are pulling out all the stops to deliver experiences that … Read More

October is Connected Educator Month

More and more, educators are going online and using social media to network, collaborate, and find information and resources.  As an organization or industry executive, you can be part of this movement, too.  We can’t be in the classroom with teachers, or in school with administrators, but we can be in a virtual community with … Read More

A Tale of Two Middle Schools

Every school has a story. Every school has a unique personality. Like snowflakes (frozen water), potato chips (spuds), and politicians (hot air), schools are all made from the same ingredients, but no two schools are exactly the same. For a K-12 marketer, those differences greatly influence the likelihood that a particular institution will purchase your … Read More

Celebrity School Spotlight: Stephen Colbert

With his new high-profile role as host of CBS’s The Late Show comedian Stephen Colbert has never been more popular. In his younger days, though, Colbert says he was just the opposite. “I was not a cool kid in high school,” Colbert told Conan O’Brien. “I played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons, is what … Read More

Education Apps: Helping or Hurting?

Privacy Pitfalls as Education Apps Spread Haphazardly, an article published in the New York Times March 11, 2015, discusses the proliferation of educational apps that can be downloaded and used by teachers. District Technology directors are scrambling to keep up with “which companies are collecting students’ information – and how they are using it.” Not … Read More

Expenditure per Student – A Misleading Indicator of Marketing Opportunity

As the market revvs up once again for the 2015/2016 school year, the education marketing industry will analyze opportunies as they relate to budgets. There will be considerable focus on legislation at the federal and state levels. Ultimately opportunity will be discussed in terms of the available expenditures per student. However that discussion leaves out … Read More

Privacy vs. K-12 Education Outcomes

Op-Ed by Michael Jay Michael Jay – Privacy vs. Educational Outcomes from MCHStrategicData on Vimeo. What data do we share? What data do we choose not to make accessible? What is the trade-off? How important is privacy as it relates to k-12 student learning? Never shy, Michael Jay – President of Educational Systemics and our … Read More

113,819 K-12 Education Professionals New to Schools

Just last week [wo Aug 17, 2015]  27,198 k-12 educators joined the payrolls bringing the 2015/2016 school year cumulative total to nearly 113,819. We forecast the number to reach over 325,000 by Halloween That represents a churn of 11% of the market Forecasted total churn in the 2015/2016 school year is over 16% How Do We … Read More

edWeb.net Launches EdFocus Online Community for Education Marketers

edWeb.net – 2015 SIIA CODiE Award winners – hosts over 40 professional learning communities for educators. Now with partner MCH Strategic Data, edWeb.net has launched a community for education marketing and sales executives. Online collaboration is a great way to share information and resources with colleagues. edWeb and MCH Strategic Data host free webinars on a wide range of topics. … Read More

Five Key Phases of the School District Buying Cycle

The district buying cycle is a multi-phase process that lasts throughout the year with year-to-year cycles that overlap. Get an overview from the district’s needs assessment all the way through the final selection and purchase. [click image to enlarge] Visit District Administration Magazine | Advertise | Summit Sponsorship