Digital Equity & Schools

The first in a series from CoSN CEO Keith Krueger. Over the coming weeks on this space, I will explore digital equity and its implications for education. Specifically, I would like to share the strategies that extend learning beyond the classroom. This series and focus arrive at an exciting moment for the CoSN team. The … Read More

Investing in Early Childhood

If you live in Germany, your education is funded from preschool through graduate school. Socialism? Or are smart investments in early childhood the very heart of capitalism? Michael Jay — President of Educational Systemics and our regular commentator — checks in from the Frankfurt Book Fair. Michael Jay – Early Childhood Funding from MCHStrategicData on Vimeo. In a recent … Read More

Costs & Benefits of Early Childhood Education

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) defines early childhood as ages 0-8. During these years, children’s brains develop at a faster rate than at any other point in their lives. The foundations for all learning develop during this stage: cognitive skills, social skills, self-esteem, perception of the world, and moral outlook. … Read More

5 Fast Facts for Early Childhood Marketers

Early childhood services are all about the preschool set, but proper segmentation for early childhood marketing is far from kid stuff. To cover the marketplace effectively, you need to go beyond the ABCs and 123s. Let’s investigate some of the more arcane aspects of the art of early childhood data. #5. Daycare centers are far … Read More

Unlock 21st Century Education

Technology is advancing so quickly that the future is here and now where public education is trying to catch up with industry and modern society. There is no question that early childhood education and STEAM curriculum are paying huge dividends in preparing our students with basic 21st Century learning skills to sharpen mental aptitudes earlier … Read More

Celebrity School Spotlight: Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks goes from geeky spaz to Hollywood icon Everybody knows Tom Hanks. Everybody. He’s one of the world’s favorite actors. His movies have grossed more than $4.2 billion and the Oscars picked him as Best Actor two years in a row. He’s Forrest Gump. He’s Toy Story’s Woody. He got Big. He almost made … Read More

Does 15% School Market Churn Factor Into Your Data Strategy?

As of mid-October, MCH Monitor™ technology had tracked 12,958 educators joining school payrolls across the US, bringing the total tracked to 299,541 since the July 1 start of the school year. The accuracy of our weekly predictions is uncanny. Therefore we can safely accept the following as a very high probability: 10% of the marketplace will churn by October 30 … Read More

The State of Education Technology

As we begin the new school year, practically every district is implementing new technology of one sort or another. Some of it is teacher-student facing and some of it is network infrastructure or new software that achieves operational efficiencies. The new normal for K-12 schools and districts is continual change, and we can see that … Read More

Youth Ambassadors KC Host Erin Gruwell of Freedom Writers Fame

Jared and his twin brother, Josiah, have been shuffled from home to home in the foster system. They’ve even been homeless a number of times. But they won’t let that hold them back. I had the privilege of meeting Jared, Josiah and their role model, Erin Gruwell at a Youth Ambassador event in Kansas City. … Read More

Print Remains Powerful (in a Digital World)

One of my favorite movies, IN GOOD COMPANY, stars Dennis Quaid as Dan Foreman, an advertising sales manager who works for the fictional Sports America magazine. I sympathize with Dan when he takes a 6-hour flight from Newark to Los Angeles, for a meeting with a key prospect…a meeting that lasts less than 30 minutes. … Read More