Efficacy in Data Management

In a data first world, it’s paramount to stay ahead of the curve. More and more opportunities to collect, analyze and utilize data exist in today’s world. The optimal result of all that data is that your business has the vision to embrace the data and do something with it. An improved revenue stream is … Read More

Baptist Churches

Baptist Church Marketing Database from MCH See also: Religious Education » Church Marketing Strategies » The MCH Strategic Data Baptist Church Marketing Database includes the mailing address, physical address, and telephone number for Churches in more than 90 denominations. In addition, we can provide telephone numbers and email addresses for Pastors, Youth Ministers, Directors of … Read More

Marketing Automation and Quality Data

Marketing Automation Campaigns are Only as Good as the Data That Drives Them. The beauty of having a robust marketing automation program is that you can develop a pre-planned campaign keep your message in front of your audience.  After the initial campaign is developed and tested, there level of involvement from a marketing manager is … Read More

Church Marketing Strategies

Church Marketing Strategies from MCH See also: The MCH Church Marketing Database » Religious Education » There is no such thing as a “typical” American church. Marketing to Churches requires different selections than those found on general compiled business databases. For example, it’s common to select businesses based on their sales volume, number of employees, … Read More

Institutions: How to Capitalize on Influencers to Grow Your Business

The landscape of institutional purchasing can make it difficult to identify the actual decision-maker. You need a data-driven marketing partner that understands how institutions work. The mistake that many data and information companies make is that they treat institutions the same as businesses. The same rules do not apply and can lead to inaccurate data … Read More

Making the Most of Your Email Marketing in 2017

Email continues to be an integral channel in 2017. However, like with any medium, there are always ways to improve results. The days of “spray and pray” emailing are long behind us, replaced by account-based marketing and one-to-one messaging.  Customers and prospects expect you to know them and understand them and provide a good user … Read More

Get a Quote

Get a Free Quote Today! Click here to get a quote. The MCH team is ready to provide consultations and quotes to both prospects and customers. If you want to view our online catalog go to our Data Counts page. Looking for the expertise to help you develop your response-driven marketing campaigns? MCH Strategic Data provides … Read More

Available Data

  Business-to-Business B2B marketers can reach decision makers responsible for spending millions of dollars by targeting the institutional segment of the business-to-business market. Our high-quality Education, Healthcare, Government, and Religion data is phone verified and compiled in the U.S. See Business-to-Business Data »   Schools The MCH K-12 School database includes Public, Private, and Catholic … Read More

Donations Peak Near Holidays in Christian Churches

It’s no secret that getting your offer to the right person, at the right address, at the right time is the key to increasing sales. Right now, Christian churches are preparing for the Easter holiday and Vacation Bible School. Since holidays are frequently peak donation times, this is one of the best times to market … Read More

Marketing to Churches – Timing Matters!

If you are marketing to Christian churches, getting your offer in front of decision makers prior to Easter and Christmas is very important. These two holidays represent the peak donation times. This year Easter is early so the time to launch your campaign is now. Don’t forget that now is the time many churches make … Read More