Webinars Double the Value of Your Marketing Dollars

Would you like to double the value of your marketing dollars?  Webinars are the secret to doing just that. And if you are good, you can more than double your dollars. We tend to compartmentalize our marketing plans with separate line items for email marketing, conferences, social media, lead generation, and marketing research. Launching an … Read More

The Neuroscience of Learning

Science is shaping the K-12 industry. The world of K-12 education is rapidly evolving. Teachers, students and parents are embracing new methods of learning and measurement. Many of these new methods involve the study of neuroscience. As a parent, I look at my own children and see vast differences in their leaning styles, and I’ve adapted my way … Read More

Breaking into the K-12 EdTech Marketplace – Cream Rises to the Top

When looking into the future of K-12 EdTech, it can be beneficial to be reflective of the past.  The tried and true rises to the top, and you know it’s good before you even get a taste of it. The idea of offering a sound product or service at a reasonable cost and backing it … Read More

Student Travel Growth Tips

Are you looking to grow your market-share in the student travel sector?  It is important understand how decisions are made and how to tap into the right contacts at schools and districts. Here are few strategies to help you uncover new opportunities:  Tip: 1  Start with a clean list of teacher names   Did you … Read More

Simple Ways to Thank a Teacher

This year, Teacher Appreciation Week is May 1-5 and National Teachers Day is May 9th. Teachers play such an important role in not only educating our youth, but they also play a critical role in developing them into capable adults.  For those individuals who want to make this week a little more special for teachers, … Read More

Taking Advantage of Year-End Spending

Why You Need to Act Now School district spending has predictable cycles. The budget year for most districts is July 1 to June 30 each year. This means that during the spring months, districts are entering the final stages of their budget development process for the upcoming school year and looking to spend remaining funds … Read More

Webinar: ESSA Under the New DOE: How ESSA Will Affect My Organization

Learn about the latest updates, what we are seeing in the new administration with ESSA, and how it will impact your business as you close out the selling season and begin planning for 2017–2018.  Presented by Steve Rowley, CEO, Acumen Partners. Hosted by Michael Campbell, Vice President, Acumen Partners Watch the Recorded Webinar Now Webinar was … Read More

Marketing Automation and Quality Data

Marketing Automation Campaigns are Only as Good as the Data That Drives Them. The beauty of having a robust marketing automation program is that you can develop a pre-planned campaign keep your message in front of your audience.  After the initial campaign is developed and tested, there level of involvement from a marketing manager is … Read More

Meet an MCHer: President of MCH Amy Rambo

  Forward-thinking.  Efficient.  Innovative.   Success has a broad meaning for me.  I look beyond being successful in the workplace, but also look at my contributions as a mother, wife, friend, sister, aunt, etc. Family is important to me, and I respect others who have my same values.   What do you enjoy most about … Read More