Simple Ways to Thank a Teacher

This year, Teacher Appreciation Week is May 1-5 and National Teachers Day is May 9th. Teachers play such an important role in not only educating our youth, but they also play a critical role in developing them into capable adults.  For those individuals who want to make this week a little more special for teachers, … Read More

Marketing Automation and Quality Data

Marketing Automation Campaigns are Only as Good as the Data That Drives Them. The beauty of having a robust marketing automation program is that you can develop a pre-planned campaign keep your message in front of your audience.  After the initial campaign is developed and tested, there level of involvement from a marketing manager is … Read More

Digital Equity & Schools

The first in a series from CoSN CEO Keith Krueger. Over the coming weeks on this space, I will explore digital equity and its implications for education. Specifically, I would like to share the strategies that extend learning beyond the classroom. This series and focus arrive at an exciting moment for the CoSN team. The … Read More

Investing in Early Childhood

If you live in Germany, your education is funded from preschool through graduate school. Socialism? Or are smart investments in early childhood the very heart of capitalism? Michael Jay — President of Educational Systemics and our regular commentator — checks in from the Frankfurt Book Fair. Michael Jay – Early Childhood Funding from MCHStrategicData on Vimeo. In a recent … Read More

Costs & Benefits of Early Childhood Education

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) defines early childhood as ages 0-8. During these years, children’s brains develop at a faster rate than at any other point in their lives. The foundations for all learning develop during this stage: cognitive skills, social skills, self-esteem, perception of the world, and moral outlook. … Read More

5 Fast Facts for Early Childhood Marketers

Early childhood services are all about the preschool set, but proper segmentation for early childhood marketing is far from kid stuff. To cover the marketplace effectively, you need to go beyond the ABCs and 123s. Let’s investigate some of the more arcane aspects of the art of early childhood data. #5. Daycare centers are far … Read More

The Slow March Toward Universal Pre-K Just Made a Quick Step

The call for universal public pre-k education is growing stronger and more public funding is available than ever before. Part of the drumbeat comes from the recognition that high-quality preschool education addresses some of the inequities of our educational system where children can start from so far behind that they never catch up. This year’s … Read More

Changing Early Education Market Offers Business Growth Opportunities

President Obama signed the reauthorization of the Child Care Development Block Grant (CCDBG) on November 9, 2014. Unlike most of what happens in Washington these days, this bill had bipartisan support. Originally passed in 1990 and reauthorized in 1996, it has been eighteen years since federal childcare standards were revised. The block grant helps low-income … Read More

Investing in Preschool Education

“It’s the essential promise of America that where you start should not and will not determine how far you can go.”    ~President Barack Obama, White House Summit on Early Education, December 10, 2014 In the recent MCH 4th Annual Principals’ Assessment of Public Education report, 56.0% of principals reported that they already have a preschool … Read More

Complete Marketing Lists for Preschools

For complete marketing lists for preschools, contact MCH Strategic Data MCH Strategic Data has amassed an extensive Early Childhood Database which gives clients access to contact information for over 350,000 locations that serve over 16 million children nationwide. This database also contains mailing addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers of decision makers located at preschools, … Read More