Efficacy in Data Management

In a data first world, it’s paramount to stay ahead of the curve. More and more opportunities to collect, analyze and utilize data exist in today’s world. The optimal result of all that data is that your business has the vision to embrace the data and do something with it. An improved revenue stream is … Read More

Elementary School Teacher Email Lists

Improve your Marketing Response with MCH’s Elementary School Teacher Email Lists! MCH Data’s up-to- date elementary school teacher email lists reach the right people for your audience goals Having up-to date elementary school email lists are a necessity when marketing to teachers. Teaching staff changes throughout the year and MCH Data’s lists are the most accurate available. Having … Read More

Early childhood Marketing – One size does not fit all

Do you market to Preschools and Daycare centers?  If so, grouping them together and talking to them similarly is a common pitfall that many people make. Early childhood marketing can be tricky. These institutions may appear similar, but they are extremely different when it comes to making purchase decisions.  That said, you cannot apply the … Read More

Education Marketing Strategies

MCH Education Marketing Strategies & Tips The Education industry is enormous and encompasses institutions ranging from small private schools to large metropolitan districts with sub-district offices. MCH compiles an extensive amount of information about schools and school districts so be sure to dig deeper by going to our Data Counts page and download our current digital … Read More

Effective Strategies for Marketing to Teachers

MCH Strategic Data is known for providing accurate, up-to-date marketing data for educational professionals throughout the U.S. Learn effective strategies for marketing to teachers from the data professionals. Before embarking on your next educational marketing campaign,it is essential to learn some effective strategies for marketing to teachers in the United States. MCH Strategic Data has … Read More

Early Childhood Marketing Strategies

Early Childhood Marketing Strategies & Tips The MCH Early Childhood database includes 345,000 locations serving 16 million children. The locations include Child Care Centers, Head Starts, School-Based Early Childhood Programs, and Home Child Care Services. In addition, we can help you reach decision makers by mail, email, and telephone. You’ll need develop your strategy for … Read More

Simple Ways to Thank a Teacher

This year, Teacher Appreciation Week is May 1-5 and National Teachers Day is May 9th. Teachers play such an important role in not only educating our youth, but they also play a critical role in developing them into capable adults.  For those individuals who want to make this week a little more special for teachers, … Read More

Child Care Centers

Child Care Marketing Database from MCH The MCH Child Care marketing database includes personal names, mailing addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers for decision makers at Child Care Centers. In addition, you can select by age range, location, and actual enrollment—not licensed capacity. Child Care Center mailing addresses are covered by our GetThere™ Guarantee.   … Read More

Marketing Automation and Quality Data

Marketing Automation Campaigns are Only as Good as the Data That Drives Them. The beauty of having a robust marketing automation program is that you can develop a pre-planned campaign keep your message in front of your audience.  After the initial campaign is developed and tested, there level of involvement from a marketing manager is … Read More

Available Data

  Business-to-Business B2B marketers can reach decision makers responsible for spending millions of dollars by targeting the institutional segment of the business-to-business market. Our high-quality Education, Healthcare, Government, and Religion data is phone verified and compiled in the U.S. See Business-to-Business Data »   Schools The MCH K-12 School database includes Public, Private, and Catholic … Read More